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Get your teams ready and let the battle begin. It’s time for our March Madness Trivia Tournament!


Here’s how it’s going to play out!

Teams up to 6 will compete for the championship during the month of March. The rules are simple. Pick your “home base” (Random Tap or Swamp Cabbage) and play trivia there at least 3 out of the 4 weeks starting March 7th. Participating teams pay $5 each week they participate... if you have 6 people, that’s only 83 cents!!

Earn points each week and the top 3 teams from each venue advance to the semifinals held at Random Tap on April 4th. The top 2 teams from the semifinals advance to the championship at Swamp Cabbage on April 5th.

The top 2 teams win March Madness Trivia t-shirts, prize money and bragging rights! 💵 👕 (prize money dependent on number of teams in the tournament)

Register your team at Random Tap or Swamp Cabbage.

Let the madness begin!

**Teams playing all 4 weeks at their home base can drop their lowest score.
**Players can be substituted if players are unable to make each week.
**Tournament teams can also win “regular” trivia and the Swamp Cabbage cumulative tournament during the March Madness tournament.

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Later Event: March 21
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