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Join Us For A Great Cause

Every first Sunday of the month, bring your cute furry, canine family member(s) and join us for a pint or three.  Donate an item or two on The Humane Society's wish list and get a $1 off your pints.

     Humane Society Wish List -

 ·        Gently Used Towels

·        Paper Towels

·        Laundry Detergent

·        Tall Kitchen Trash Bags

·        39 Gallon Trash Bags

·        Tall Kitchen trash bags

·        Hand Sanitizer

·        Larger (1 gallon) Zip Lock Storage Bags

·        Small (1 quart)  Zip Lock Storage Bags

·        Printer/Copier paper

·        Rubbing (Isopropyl) Alcohol

·        Hydrogen Peroxide

·        Distilled water

·        Stamps

·        Cleaning Products (Lysol, Mr. Clean, Clorox Wipes, etc.)

·        Office supplies (pens, tape, paperclips, etc.)

·        Highlighters

·        File Folders

·        Dog/Puppy Food, Treats, Toys

·        Cat/Kitten Food, Treats, Toys

·        Financial Contributions


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